Spring Fever Fanatic By Isabella Marini

Photo courtasy of 21stcenturyschools


Well here is the first post of soon-to-be many others. A little bit about me:  I am just your average over stressed LASA student, who eats too much tea and chocolate. I also tend to have a horrible disease named Spring Fever. So here is the catch. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the day is perfect. So, what’s the deal? The problem is being stuck inside a classroom for the next six hours and by the time the students get out the sun will be hiding behind the clouds again. So how do we break this spring fever?  You don’t. You just suffer. No, I am just kidding. If possible, bring the outside into the building. Girls, put some flowers in your hair! Wear bright colors, and the most obvious; anybody and everybody should(in my opinion) go outside at lunch. Play some Rugby to take out some energy. Lazy? Chill out in the grass; watch some clouds and find some crazy shapes While in class, ask a teacher to open a window… or two. Do your homework outside. Don’t skip class. The outcome will be more time being stuck inside to make up what you missed.

By lasakings

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